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25 Volunteers will be flying out to Mexico to share the love of Jesus with the Mayans and whoever else God sends our way. They will be flying from Canada, Oregon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, New Mexico & Louisiana. Please pray that all will make their connecting flights and arrive on time. Pray for Doug and Darla Millar as they prepare to receive the team that only God could put together. Thank you for praying and your support in all areas. The team God has put together come from all walks of life and ages from teenagers to in their 80's.
Nobody can take away from me the honor and blessings I received by God bringing His men together: Jeremy Salazar (left) New Mexico, Don Tiger (wearing vest) Oklahoma and Brother Jimmy Anderson (Bed) Oklahoma Elder, all three Native Americans sharing wisdom of moving forward with the doors already open in the Northwest. Don & Jimmy sharing with Jeremy on church planting and seeking God's wisdom and leadership. All four men praying together was awesome. We are all looking forward to God leading us and directing our paths tomorrow for His honor and glory. We will be traveling to different reservations in Washington and Idaho tomorrow. Please pray with us as we all move forward together.
Brother Jimmy Anderson. 82 years young and still traveling with a heart of passion to do whatever it takes to share Jesus with those who don't know him. Awesome man of God.
Who will adopt and pray for the Kalispel Indian tribe in Usk, Washington? A small door is open and it would be a blessing for a big prayer network door to open on their behalf. Also, please pray for God's team as we travel there tomorrow for follow up.
Just received a text from Brother Wilkie Richmond about their date for assessment meeting with NAMB in Wisconsin, November 6 & 7, 2014. For those who don't know, Brother Wilkie, his wife Leigh and their children has answered the call to be missionaries among our Native American brothers and sisters in Wisconsin. Please pray for all involved in this special calling and assessment meeting with the Richmond family. May all honor and glory go to our Lord Jesus.
Awesome week. In the last 4 months, God and only Him with the Holy Spirit going before us, has opened 13 doors to 13 new reservations across this Nation. Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit together.

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